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Mensagem por luuxz em Seg Mar 13, 2017 5:28 pm

- 15 minutes before the match is officially starting both teams + referee should be online already. Any sort of preparation, questions, tests, squad settings and discussions can be solved within these 15 mins so that we can directly start when its supposed to start.

- 8 rounds, no interiors + 1 random arena. Both defend the same base.

In case of a tie all clans should play again against all clans in their group.

- Round Time: 10 minutes

- CP time: 25 seconds

- No heli bombing, vehicle self-explode, carpark or driveby. HP taken by vehicle damage will be refilled.

- No switch macro!

- Official skins are 170 for attackers and 177 for defenders.

- Forbidden bugs:
NO slide bug (this includes styling/warping/glitch)
NO map bug.
NO F8 abuse
NO autoaim (this includes steady aim-perk)

- EU server ping limit: 350
- US server ping limit: 280
- Max PacketLoss: 1.0
- MinFPS: 40

- Record only if necessary

- Every player has to have Whitetiger's anti-cheat running when playing a match.

- No player faking, if we spot fake players among a team they get banned from the tournament

- Players have to use the same names that they used in the sign-up post.

- Only the players, who are registered on the sign-up post, can play the matches.

- There must be adequate means of contact by the clan's leader. Also, the leader or any member in charge has to speak english, portuguese and spanish decently for reasons of organization.

- All clans have to regulary check back on the forums and post about organization in sufficient time. If we notice clans wasting our time they'll be replaced.

- English in main chat only, no matter what nationality. People who cant communicate with us this way wont be allowed to play.

- Beyond that, any sort of flame/rage/spam will result in a mute, a kick or even a ban. Give it your best to face your opponent with respect, and take a loss with pride.


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